Benefit Card

Receive discounts and extra's at world entrepreneurs

Benefit Card for Consumers

With the Benefit Card (Membership card) you receive discount and extra’s at our entrepreneurs. For example a 5 % discount or a free cup of coffee. 

You receive the Benefit Card with a membership of our association. For sponsor members there is a minimum contribution required of 10 euro. 

As our association grows in members and entrepreneurs, every month there will be new discounts. Check this page or our Facebook page for the latest discounts. 

Register as Entrepreneur

Do you want more advertisement for your business? And could you offer discount on your products/services? Then register for the Benefit Card! 

All our members check this site and Facebook to discover the discounts and benefits at our businesses. Register and thousands of people will see you!

These businesses already offer discounts

This part of the website is still under construction. 

Follow our Facebook page to see where you can receive discounts!

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