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We are a young and dynamic organization who critically observes society. We noticed a negative vibe in regards to migration and immigrants. This leads to personal problems and isolation for people with a migration history. Consider employment, financial challenges, language fluency, health and raising children. If we’re not careful, it may lead to societal struggles and unrest on both sides.

What will we do? For starters, we unburden the newcomers with personal advice. You ask, we deliver. We investigate, we explain, we translate and we mediate on your behalf. We collaborate with a variety of partners, both governmental and NGO’s. Everyone has his expertise, and we make sure that you get to them well prepared. We help you get the right documents, so you don’t have to return again and again.

In addition we promote a life of health and happiness in your new country. We guide you with financial advice, we organize workshops and activities related to sports, lifestyle and health. And we promote the mutual integration of the various cultures in Belgium.

Wwelcome contributes to an open society where everyone can feel at home and valuable. Regardless of background, skin color, sexuality or gender. Everyone is equal, and we are not all the same. The differences in culture are beautiful and will be promoted. The differences in life quality… will disappear.

Our Team


Tom Koppenol


Tom is a good-natured down-to-earth Dutchman who gets the best out of people. Simply by listening. He founded Wwelcome to effectively help people with their administrative queries, making them stronger participants in society. He gathers powerful people around him who want to contribute to society.


Marion Schwenne


As the office assistant, Marion creates order and peace. Where Wwelcome supports people with their daily administration, Marion is the supportive force for Wwelcome. She considers processing forms and receipts as both enjoyable and easy. In addition, she is the interpreter for the German and Russian speaking Antwerp residents.


Christa Pahlad


Christa is the warm hostess who creates a pleasant atmosphere. Thereby giving a warm wwelcome to everyone who visits our office. She has over 10 years of experiencing in guiding people with their administrative issues. She ensures that your questions are properly answered and she transfers this mentality to the entire staff.


Audrey Robert


After an instructive internship our ambitious Audrey continues her career with Wwelcome as insurance expert in training. This is a topic of growing concern, as loads of people are not well informed on the necessity of insurances in Europe. In addition, she has already supported many people with their administrative questions. She lives for the smile on people’s faces.


Hisham Masalmeh


Hisham is our passionate chairman. Immediately after our introduction, he fell in love with Wwelcome and what our organisation provides for the people. Hisham was the legal expert in his homeland. Now he is the adviser and ambassador for the Arab population in Belgium.


Florbela Inacio


Florbela, our “Beautiful Flower”, has worked for years as a social assistant and intercultural mediator. Working with people, solving their worries and problems is her passion. With her multicultural upbringing, she offers support to Portuguese, French, Spanish and English speaking communities.

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