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We strive for an open society where everyone feels at home regardless of origin, skin color, culture, sexuality or sex. Everyone is equal, and we are not all the same. The differences in culture and identity are beautiful and we promote that, that’s why we are striving to bridge the gap between the living standards.


Wwelcome guides people in living a carefree and happy life. We refer our subscribers to the right organizations and experts and provide administrative support. We promote mutual integration through sport, culture, education and employment. For this we cooperate as much as possible with experts.


Many people recognize it: at the end of the month the money is gone and you’re already looking forward for the next salary or benefit. We help you to see which points can be saved. We also check whether or not families are well protected in the event of setbacks in life.


We believe that people must live a happy and long life. That includes good health. The body is your temple and that is why we promote a healthy lifestyle in collaboration with our partners.


There is an abundance of government, organizations and associations in Belgium. We show people where they have to be and give them the right documents they need. Think of applying for child money, (unemployment) benefit and passing on of a marriage.


Every month we organize information evenings, in which we discuss a specific topic to give more information. For example, about elections, funeral insurance and savings.


We cannot ignore it. The (Belgian) society consists of people of different cultural communities. Instead of the separation that has arisen, we strive to bring people closer and together. For example, with barbecues and musical events.


Our subscribers can come costless to our office with questions about their letters, invoices and contracts. We explain and clarify the letters, mediate with the organization and solve any uncertainty.

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