Wwelcome VZW

Association of World Citizens


At Wwelcome VZW people are ... just people. It doesn't matter where they come from, or what they've been through. Everyone counts. Wwelcome is an association where members of all backgrounds meet to move forward in their lives.

People come for help with questions and problems. To give support to others. To practice their Dutch. They organize events. They start their own business. At Wwelcome people find rest. They have less concerns and turn their dreams into reality.


We believe that everyone, every member, is valuable. Even though you aren't fluent in Dutch, you have talents, there are opportunities. You have dreams and good ideas. Wwelcome will support you to put your talents and ideas into practice.

Wwelcome offers volunteers and interns the opportunity to develop and gain experience. They practice their Dutch and they receive administrative training. We help our members with their projects and events. This way they get to do, what they are good at.

Why Wwelcome?


Do you have questions or problems? Then you're welcome at our office. Our volunteers will guide you in your own language, in a human way.


Wwelcome is a flourishing association of more than 30 nationalities. They all meet at our office or during our events.


Join us and organize activities. Or help others with their administration. This way you practice your Dutch and improve your chances for work.


Our members organize more and more events. We have our filmprojects, Portfolio Day, flee markets and various workshops.


We arrange discounts for our members through the membership card. Show it to our entrepreneurs and you receive discounts.


Do you have a great idea for an activity, project or as starting business? Talk to us as a soundboard. We support you in making your dreams come true.

Our Activities

At our office in Merksem people come by for administrative support. But our members also prepare their activities and events. Movie projects, workshops, events, Portfolio Days, sound recordings. There is so much to offer, just take a look at our Facebook channels. 

Our Partners